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Did you know… that the Dryer used to produce dry clothes for you and your family can be a significant fire hazard? In addition, the buildup of lint in your dryer ducts will cost you money on a regular basis due to the inefficiency of operations. Clogged dryer ducts reduce the air flow for the dryer, and therefore add time to the drying process. This costs you more, in addition to added wear and tear on the equipment. Regular cleaning of your dryer ducts is recommended by numerous organizations, but most of all by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA).



Our staff will clean from the base of your dryer all the way to where it vents to the atmosphere. We will inspect the duct system and clean it so that you can be comfortable with its operation.


As a manager of an operation where others rely on your dryer duct system, you will want to provide a safe and efficient system. We can help you understand how to economically maintain the ducts free of lint build-up.


When your business relies on the use of a dryer to provide cash for the bottom line, you will want your dryer to be at its most efficient. By cleaning the ducts of the dryer systems you will save energy and increase the life of the equipment. Our staff will clean all types of systems.